Living in an apartment can be an attractive proposition for those who don’t want to have some large family home and want to avoid any extra costs to make most of the retirement savings they may have. However, even if you have reduced the size of the place you live in, you can’t avoid throwing successful parties in your super cute Portland OR apartments. But with some simple planning one can bring the whole family home to enjoy the holidays.

First of all you need to start by planning your space. Furnish the apartment with the help of pieces which can serve more than one purposes. Pillows and stools look wonderful and you can use them for having some extra seating options. The tables which can be expanded and folded can make the service space double temporarily.

Another good tip is to clear any clutter that may be present in the apartment. The knickknacks, small decorative items and the counter clutter should be put away. This will not only allow you to keep all your valuable items safe but will also be a source for you to create extra space. Your room will also look more inviting and bigger this way.

If you have grown up children then you can ask them for helping you out with preparations. If all of them prepare some appetizer, entrée or desert, the preparations will be done in significantly lesser time, the kitchen will remain cleaner and all the family members will make their contribution to the party day.

Making after-party arrangements can certainly help you a great deal. Make appropriate arrangements if the guests are coming from some other town. Will you be serving alcohol? Is there any transportation available? In case if overnight accommodation would be needed by any of the guests then it should be ensured that you already have an arrangement for that. Having smaller home will mean that there would be smaller space available for the overnight guests.

Unless some formal dinner is being planned, you should serve the simple food by which the clothes are not stained. If the number of people is more and they cannot fit around single table then ordeal at the time of dinner can be avoided and the guests can be allowed for mingling and grazing the food.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the arrival and departure time of the guests. If guests come too early leave too late then your day can be overwhelming and long for no reason. It is always better to set starting and finishing time for the gathering giving yourself and the guests a chance to spend maximum time with each other.  When you make a move to rented apartment, it doesn’t really mean that you’ll have to leave the family traditions. Instead, little planning can allow you to accommodate the guests and have the best party.