It can be challenging to live with the strangers or even with the friends – particularly when you are living away of your home for the first time. When you opt to live in super cute Portland OR apartments make sure that you learn how you should divide bills as well as the chores in winning style.

You should start by divvying up your bedrooms. Normally apartments do not tend to have equal sized rooms. So, people can have a feeling that they have got a short one when they do not get a master bedroom. There is, however, an easily solution that can help the roommates to go for less attractive or smaller rooms – just make the rooms cheaper.

You are aware that what will have to be paid by you in terms of monthly rent, however, dividing the cost is all your responsibility. People who get bigger bedrooms tend to pay more while those with the smaller ones have to bear less. This normally works out as there’s somebody with more possessions that have to be accommodated in apartment while someone else might be looking to save some money.

Another issue is that you have to take care of the bills. It’s most significant, as well as divisive, issue for all the apartments – what will be paid by whom and when. Several strategies are there when it comes to handling the bills when living in apartments. Responsibility can be shared between the roommates by taking a bill to their name making sure that everyone gets a bill, instead of every bill coming to only one person. This way no one would have to pay all the bills on their own if others leave that apartment or miss their payments.

Automatic payments can also be set up for monthly expenses of every individual as this can avoid all the hassles of remembering as well as encouraging the roommates for paying on time. One can also opt for the apartment account in a bank in which everyone has to pay every week for covering the expenses and bills, including food.

A day, in every month, can be set up for reconciling the bills as well as the issues making sure that your rent and the bills are going to be paid right on time.

It is also a good idea to establish the duties roster for your apartment. None of us likes to do all the dishes and take out garbage, but one needs to do this somehow. The best solution is to have duties roster having clear roles for all the days. The roommates will certainly learn getting into groove to do all the tasks and will certainly understand that everybody has to pull his weight.