It is often seen that professionals usually go for the apartment living and they are not too interested in home ownership. Flexibility provided by renting is just perfect for the professionals to pursue dynamic careers. Accessing transit services in close proximity can be easy for you and you can even find the properties downtown. And, in fact, no one really wants to take that additional stress of the property taxes, the building maintenance as well as bills coming every now and then. So, professionals often choose to go for the super cute Portland OR apartments.

Apartment living can simply be considered as a wonderful option, however, turning your apartment’s white walls into your comfortable home is necessary for matching the professional lifestyle you may have. It’s not too hard to achieve this, however.

Before starting to reform your apartment, you should know all the restrictions that are implied by the lease agreement on you when it comes to what can be done while renovating the apartment. If there is some doubt on anything then you can talk to your landlord prior to starting the questionable projects. This way you’ll be able to avoid any problems as the process goes on.

Your apartment’s walls constitute the background and are a source of setting every room’s tone. If there are white walls in the apartment, it may appear institutional and cold. If you dress up the walls, you can give yourself a homey feeling.

Go for a neutral or light color when painting the walls. It is often required by many rental or lease agreements that the walls should be returned in the original color that was there at the time when you moved in. It is quite easy to paint over lighter colors as compared to bold, dark colors and these colors can also make the rooms look bigger.

However, if you do not really wish to paint the walls, you can opt for dressing up the walls using wall hangings, removable wallpaper stickers and boarders, fabric, artwork or stencils.

Functionality is an important aspect of the apartment living. It is always advisable that one should make useful space, which is stylish as well, through working out with the storage space. If there are unique shelves on the wall, they really make their own statement and utilize the vertical space as well. If there are doors on the shelves and cabinets then it can give an organized and clean as the otherwise cluttered items are kept away from the sight.

If there is clutter in the rooms, they shrink. When you have to deal with small space, go for some key pieces while keeping knickknacks at a minimum. Illusion of more space can be created if you opt for accessories and furniture having light lines allowing light to pass through your room. This will certainly open up the space.